We provide Fingerprint technology


Easy to integrate

Flexible and powerful solution for identification programs

Integrators who are looking for a flexible and versatile AFIS

Technology transfer is an option

We provide high Technology

Empreinte Skeleton


The coder is very fast and accurate

  • 70 milliseconds average to calculate minutiae
  • No reject even with low quality fingerprint
  • Innovative mathematical model for image computation


The matcher is ISO 19794-2 compatible

  • Innovative fuzzy logic algorithm
  • Very fast matching algorithm
  • Very compact
  • Keeps its accuracy even at high speed computation
  • By matching 2 fingerprints of an individual, the EER (Equal Error Rate) practically drops to 0%
B3 Solution Functions4

Full embedded functions in 3-tiers architecture solution

All necessary functions to run an AFIS is embedded in the B3 solution.

The 3-tiers architecture allows dimensioning of each individual process according the needs. Each component of the solution can run on separated server and / or can be duplicated to increase the response time, speed or size capability of the solution.

B3 Cluster Architecture Site

Multi-cluster architecture

The B3 AFIS matcher computing process can be configured in cluster mode and even more in multi-clusters mode. Up to 97 clusters can be installed in parallel and up to 32 matcher devices per cluster. Even more a matcher can be cloned on itself which make the configuration virtually unlimited.

Consulting – Expertise

Independent adviser for governments, organizations and private companies.


B3 AFIS solution, B3 Client SDK, Biometric expertise and AFIS setup training.

Fingerprint Database de-duplication

We can provide the de-duplication as a service.

Fingerprint Database migration

We can provide the migration service and setup a new AFIS solution.

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Our team cumulates more than 25 years of experience in biometry
Owns its biometric technology
Acts as an adviser to leading biometric solution providers
Participates actively in many national biometric identification projects


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