Consulting – Expertise


Independent adviser for governments, organizations and private companies.

We can advise on the follow areas :

  • Feasibility
  • Specifications
  • Response to tenders
  • Benchmarking expertise and evaluation
  • Project management support
  • Biometrics identification
  • System engineering





  • B3 AFIS solution (operator, supervisor, security officer trainings)
  • B3 Client SDK training
  • Biometric expertise training
  • AFIS setup training



Fingerprint Database de-duplication


B3 Deduplication


EZ Biometrics is offering a fingerprint database de-duplication service.

In order to keep your AFIS computation resources available. We can provide the de-duplication as a service. Our development team is available to study and define what will be the best migration strategy to address your expectations.



Fingerprint Database migration




If for some reason, you are willing to replace your AFIS system solution. As long as you can provide the fingerprint image database then EZ Biometrics can provide the migration service and setup a new AFIS solution.

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