The coder is very fast and accurate

  • 70 milliseconds average to calculate minutiae
  • No reject even with low quality fingerprint
  • Innovative mathematical model for image computation

Empreinte Skeleton




The matcher is ISO 19794-2 compatible

  • Innovative fuzzy logic algorithm
  • Very fast matching algorithm
  • Very compact
  • Keeps its accuracy even at high speed computation
  • By matching 2 fingerprints of an individual, the EER (Equal Error Rate) practically drops to 0%


Full embedded functions in 3-tiers architecture solution


All necessary functions to run an AFIS is embedded in the B3 solution



B3 Solution Functions4



The 3-tier architecture allows dimensioning of each individual process according the needs. Each component of the solution can run on separated server and / or can be duplicated to increase the response time, speed or size capability of the solution



Multi-cluster architecture


B3 Cluster Architecture Site


The B3 AFIS matcher computing process can be configured in cluster mode and even more in multi-clusters mode. Up to 64 clusters can be installed in parallel and up to 32 matcher devices per cluster. Even more a matcher can be cloned on itself which make the configuration virtually unlimited.

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