Logo B3Via easy integration (very simple SDK), B3 solution allows integrators for government agencies to manage the fingerprint data. B3 is a highly scalable AFIS with an interface well suited to this implementation.

B3 AFIS solution ensures high reliability of the fingerprint identification and ability to match flat and rolled fingerprints.

B3 solution allows clustering on the network for high productivity and efficiency. The B3 cluster is scalable and fault-tolerant and allows performing fast parallel fingerprint matching, processing a large number of images.




  • Supports distributed image processing which gives unique template building performance
  • Supports wide range of search modes: 1:1, 1:Few, 1: All
  • Transactional environment provided
  • Provides asynchronous messaging interface
  • Databases supported: MySQL (and on request any other ODBC compatible)
  • Client authentication and role based security system
  • Mechanism for database information recovery in case of accidental hardware or software failures
  • All biometric data (minutiae) is kept in the memory of matchers during B3 operations





  • Can work in standalone mode with no dedicated matchers to handle millions of fingerprints /s
  • Scalable to enroll millions of records
  • Additional matchers can be added as needed to satisfy scalability requirements



Administration & Maintenance


  • Installs as IP service, operates in unattended mode (SaaS interface is under development)
  • Alerting subsystem provides a means of automated notifications about events take place
  • Integrated performance monitoring of the system



B3 ABIS Lite solution

B3 Lite solution


All embedded solution for small program (less than 100,000)

The B3 AFIS Lite version is hosted on a single server. All internal AFIS processes as well as the matching process runs on an unique server.




B3 ABIS Premium solution


B3 Premium solution


Solution for medium program (up to 1 million)

The B3 AFIS Premium version runs either on 1 or 2 tiers architecture. The matching process is carried out on separated matcher devices.




B3 ABIS Advance solution2


B3 Advance solution


Solution for large population and complex program.

The 3-tier architecture allows dimensioning of each individual process according the needs. Each component of the solution can run on separated server and / or can be duplicated to increase the response time, speed or size capability of the solution.



Matcher devices


Plug and play interoperable matcher, easy to maintain.


B3 Basic matcher

Matcher Basic Device

This matcher device is able to reach about 100.000 real matches per second.

B3 Fast matcher


Matcher Fast Device 050

This matcher device is able to reach more than 1 millions real matches per second.

B3 High Speed matcher


Matcher High Speed Device 100

This matcher device is able to reach more than 10 millions real matches per second.




Development Tools


B3 Client SDK

The SDK is Windows Visual C++ 2013 compatible. It allows interfacing to the B3 solution by simply used SDK functions API such as “open session”, “insert folder”, “add biometrics elements”, “send request”, etc….

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